For the past two weeks, I was out on a trip

I thought I’d mentioned it, until I checked today (I have internet again).

I noticed the comments about when the next update was, so double-checked my post, and when I went into the editor this is what I came across:

wordpress failure

Good one, me! Reminding only myself that I’m going on a trip.


But seriously, I’m honestly sorry. I didn’t mean to disappear on you guys like this.

The good news is that I have a handful of chapters I only need to edit and tweak a little bit (because I don’t think I have mastered the art of using a dictionary yet).


So…. see you later tomorrow. I’ll be back home then and release all my saved up chapters 😉



P.S. Maybe I did it as a strategic value, to not inform people that I would be away….. no, I just made that up. I’m not a smart person when it comes to strategy xD.


EXAMS ARE OVER (yay for others)

And I think I did okay……

As in… I am a student tutor.

My little sister at least got some A’s. Now I wait for other results.

I am personally still busy with organizing stuff, but not that much anymore now….

So….. prepare for the flood


Garudeina update: Vol.4 Chapter 8 + Marathon update

Hi guys,

last week I was feeling a bit sluggish due to operations and medicine, and this week I have a lot of work to do. But I translated a lot last week, so I decided, after I couldn’t post the chapters for a bit because my pc would crash (I am now using my laptop), that I would post the chapters on a daily basis for this next week or so. If I find more time to translate, I might lengthen the week of daily posting.

So, by all means, enjoy the next chapters this week!


Time to resume

Hi guys.

I’m sorry for not updating for 7 days now (2 days over the deadline)

I had been diagnosed with a tiny hole and blockage in my small intestine and the hospital day and doctor visits didn’t leave me with much energy to translate.


Though I do know that I’m still late. Therefore, I will now start a marathon of translating. I think I’ll spend about 8 hours doing it until I pass out for a few hours/days again.


Now that’s been said, enjoy the next chapters in the next hours!